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You can change and saves lives by being an Arts and Cultural Advocate in Amador County. When citizens connect, organize, and share, community growth and development happen.

Advocacy is at the cornerstone of AmadorArts work. As the designated local partner to the California Arts Council, AmadorArts  understands how and why the arts are central to community growth, healing, and equity. We are here to implement state and federal art grant programs while holding advocacy central to the artistic and cultural process.

Get involved in the Amador Alliance for Arts Education to support sustainable arts education for all students in our community.

Join the Rural Advocates for Racial Equity to co-learn about Racism and dismantling privilege.

Rainbow Life

“Rainbow Life”, 16″x20″ Oil Painting (Framed), $150. Featured in the SAFE SPACE virtual Art Show, November 2020. SAFE SPACE is a celebration of Rural Queer Communities.

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