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Grant Applications will open in Spring, 2023.

Amador Arts Council offers grants to support local artists, arts organizations, and businesses serving the community with projects based in the arts.

We envision a local creative economy that is supported financially by Amador Arts Council.

We are working to grow this program so that one day, Amador Arts Council will provide funding to 100% of artists, and arts/cultural/historical organizations serving Amador County. Help us by becoming a donor today HERE.

Questions via text or call may be directed to 209-256-8166. Email us at:

Amador Arts Council invites anyone residing in Amador County to apply for an Amador Arts Council Grant.

ELIGIBILITY: One or more people (any age) who reside in Amador County and need funding to produce a creative project that utilizes The Arts to benefit, enrich, and impact the community at-large. Applications will be ranked by the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Advisory Committee based upon the following:

1. Number of individuals directly & indirectly impacted

2. A demonstrated commitment to highlight and amplify the non-homogenous Amador County community by uplifting historically marginalized rural people, specifically Black and Indigenous People of Color; people living with disabilities; individuals living in poverty; geographically underserved regions; people who communicate in languages other than English; individuals who face trauma, social stigma, and/or safety concerns; communities with technological deserts; and/or other inequities.

What we do not fund:
1. Operational costs including personnel, property, rent, permits, and utilities.

2. Food, beverages, housing, and travel.

3. Public school classroom time activities.

Examples of eligible funding projects:
1. Scout troop in need of funds to support the painting of a mural in an Amador County town.

2. Public school Teacher needs funding for a creative project on school campus, outside of classroom time.

3. For profit organization in need of funds to provide free art classes to students living in low income, foster care, and/or with learning disabilities

4. Artist in need of funds to support a public art installation and/or exhibit that uplifts a historically marginalized community within Amador County.

5. Municipality in need of funds to support an art experience that will be open to the public at-large.

Amador Arts Council will grant a total of $10,000 between all selected recipients.

Calls and text inquiries may be directed to 209-256-8166.

Or email us at:


2022 Grant Recipients

  • Applications closed on May 31, 2022
  • Recipients will be notified and receive payment in July, 2022

2021 Grant Recipients

  • Miwok Heritage Center, Ione CA – To preserve, promote and interpret the history and culture of the Miwok people.
  • Amador City Business & Community Association, Amador City, CA – To celebrate Amador City through historic celebration, beautifuication, and community-driven events.
  • Pony Farm Residency Project, Pioneer CA – To support artist residencies in communion with community service and permaculture stewardship.
  • Victory Village, Martell, CA – To serve those who have served our great nation.

2020 Grant Recipients

  • Miwok Heritage Center, Ione CA – To preserve, promote and interpret the history and culture of the Miwok people.
  • Sierra Mountain Chautauqua, Pioneer CA – presenting reenactments of important historical People of Color & Women.
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