Amador County Arts Council is committed to keeping the arts central to Amador County life!

YOU make Amador County an ARTS HUB!

YOU bring Visual, Performing, Literary, and Music ARTS to all people in Amador County.

YOU make our arts classes available for FREE to all students K-12.

  • $2 supports the Artist Directory software for one day
  • $20 pays for a telephone number for one week
  • $70 provides one day of collaboration with Alyssa Vargas, part-time Program Coordinator and Teaching Artist
  • $150 provides ZOOM virtual event platform for one year
  • $300 supports the Open Mic nights for 6 months
  • $460 supports our office rent for one month
  • $650 pays for Arts Line Newsletter for one year
  • $725 covers the Artist Directory for one year
  • $1000 pays for one scholarship to a local high schooler
  • $2500 supports the Amador Alliance for Arts Education for one year
  • $5000 covers the annual advertising costs
  • $7500 is the cost of Winefest supplies & fees
  • $10,000 is the cost of the TGIF Free Summer Concerts

As of September 29, 2020

A SPECIAL THANKS to the businesses and individuals
whose donations sustain our programs, fundraisers, and operations!

Patron $1,000+

Candice Diamond & Bill Price – Diamond Price Fund
Tom & Cherryl Janisse
Ardyce Terhune
Thomas Violich
Larry Youngman, Clorox Corporation

Champion $500+

Amador County Gourd Artists & Carol Meltzer
Dr. Betzaida Arroyo, United Health Group
Deborah Yates & John Mulvey
Lyla Osmundsen & Chuck Wolfe

Friends of Arts $250+

Sharon Bertoli
Virginia “Billie” Berton
Vicki Gendreau
Linda & David Gonzales
Adam Gottstein
Dennis & Julie Griffin
Jim & Suzy Gullett Family, Vino Noceto Winery
Donna & Richard Hall
Toni Linde
Patrick & Alaina Lyons
Ken & Nancy Nieland
Linda Tripp Sopher
Dennis Dickman and Penny West

Art Lovers $100+

Will & Jennifer Pritchard, Amador Brewing
Sandra & Bruce Baracco
Sheila Berg
Tracey Berkner, Volcano Union Inn & Taste Restaurant
Casey & Margaret Brandson
Harry Briggs
Charlie & Carol Brown
Sherry Carpender-Pease, ShareBare Arts
Nancy Chapman & David Lindguist
Bob & Sharon Chrisman
David Cohen
Phil Collins & Pam Swenson
Bob & Colleen Cookson
Katherine Evatt
Sheri, Finbar, Aidan & David Gibbons
Mara Feeney & Deborah Grady
Sally Friel
Kathleen Gadway
Martha Gamble
Marie & David Garcia
Sandra & Larry Gillett
Mark & Mary Glover
Jim Guidi
Susanne & Richard Honey
Jerry & Peggy Jolley
Lynn Keever
Arleen Lindstedt
Mark Koenig & Nancy Martinelli
Sue & Joe Lagomarsino
Patricia Lee
Arleen Lindstedt
Aaron May, JB’s Awards & Engraving
Susan & Douglas McElwee
Patrick & Frances McGinnis
Lynn Morgan
In Memory of Mary Nahhas
Yvonne Neville
Marleen Olive
Ed &Francine Pogue
Al Pritchard, Amador Brewing
Cade Redkey
Gary Reinoehl & Rebecca Brown
Lisa Sandles
Denise Schank
Lynn Shield, LMS Marketing
Ron Smetana
Curtis Stromme
Julie Taylor
Terre Rouge & Easton Wines
Maryann Tremelling
Kim Vagt
Barbara Wells
Gary & Paula Wooten
Kimberly Wooten

General & Business Level Donors $35-$100

Barbara Alexander
Shari Anderson
Koney Austinn
Frank Axe
Donna Stahl Bagshaw
Kathleen Ball
Cathleen & Magnus Berglund
Alan & Helen Bierce
Ann Bjellard
Susan Bordwell
Jeffrey & Ree McLaughlan Brown
Caryl Callsen
Sandra Campbell
Gretchen Carlson
Larry & Becky Carson
Laurie Carson
Gail Cates
Rosemary Cevasco
Marianne Chang
Sidney Cohen
Deborah & James Cowan
Mary Cowan
George & Sharyn Cunningham
Rodney & Lorraine Davis
Linda Desedare
Dede & Patrick Doran
Holly Ensley
Frances Farmer
Jacquelyn Francisco
Yvonne & Jerry Funderburgh
Kathy Guletz
Christi Hahn, Robert Hahn’s Automotive
Ralph & Isolde Harder
Lois Herrick
Sharon Hewitt
Richard Hoffman
Nancy Horst-Jones
Michelle Hubbel
Kathleen Johnson
Marta Johnson
Judith Lerner
Michael Maloney
Dianne & Dick McCleery
Kevin & Nina Neville
Meghan Joy O’Keefe
Diane Olsen & Stan Redkey
Joy & Mel Palmer
Christine Popp
Deborah & Michael Pulskamp
Linda Rianda
Joanne Richmond
Anne Roeth
Susan Ross
Edie Schembri
Teri & Jim Schnepp
Claudia Schwalm
Carol Sethre
Gary Slade
Melene Smith
Stephanie Strong
Darlene Sutton
Angela Tahti
Gloria Telegan
Mollie Teng
Bonnie Jean Toy
Robert Trammell & Patricia Dillon
Sally Trestrail
Gerald & Kelly Trottier
Giles & Shirley Turner
Nancy Vargas
Sandra & John Wagner
Mary Ellen Welsh & Bob Hartman
Rick Wise
Carma Zisman

Anonymous Online Donor Organizations:
Network for Good

If you have given a donation within the last 12 months, but do not see your name, please contact AmadorArts.

Collaborative Organizations

Amador County Community Foundation

Amador Concert Band

Amador Council of Tourism

Amador County Artists Association

Amador County Fair

Amador County Library

Amador County Recreation Agency

City of Jackson

City of Plymouth

City of Sutter Creek

Friends of the Amador County Library

Kennedy Mine Foundation

Main Street Theatre Works

Mother Lode Friends of Music

Pine Grove Community Service District

Preston Castle Foundation

Sutter Creek Business and Professional Association

Sutter Creek Community Benefit Foundation

Volcano Theatre Company

Lifetime Contributors
The following contributors made lasting impacts on AmadorArts during that past 37 years:
Alba & Gary Ariosio
Lynda & Lee Cook
Sue & Barry Duncan
Sharon & Marvin Hampton
Al & Lois Herrick
Patrick & Alaina Lyons
Glenyce & Jimmy Wilson

If you have given a donation within the last 12 months, but do not see your name, please contact AmadorArts.