Student Directors

Amador County Arts Council knows that the youth perspectives are the key to longevity. Our Student Director program includes one-on-one mentoring in arts career pathways, project and teaching opportunities, professional development, arts education training, and volunteer leadership skills. Student Director projects include Curating gallery exhibits, designing our fair window, Student Voices Campaign, and more. Student Directors are encouraged to pursue all of their creative and artistic interests.

Student Voices Campaign
AmadorArts plays a limited role in this student-driven film curriculum. In 2018, Argonaut won FIRST PLACE IN THE STATE for this short film competition that meetings standards in digital/media arts, writing, language, and performance. The Student Voices Campaign is a project-based learning opportunity recommended for grades 7-12 for any subject area, with elements of civic participation, creative expression, media production, and community engagement. It uses California Social Studies Standards, National Core Media Arts Standards, and Common Core Anchor Standards. Lessons can be scaled from periods of a few weeks to several months over the course of a school year.