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In 2020, AmadorArts established the IDEA Advisory Committee to oversee all organizational decisions, programs, services, budgetary & strategic planning, in order to ensure that the principals of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility are central to every process and procedure.

This volunteer Advisory Committee is part of the Governance Committee and is facilitated by Dr. Betzaida Arroyo working in consensus with Lianna Falco, Anisha Ramani, and Mark Smith.

AmadorArts is devoted to the roles of a State Local Partner and is therefore committed to applying the IDEA principals to all operations and deepening that work by using our policies on Racial Equity & Anti-Racism and Tribal Lands Acknowledgement, and by using the Decision Support Tool* in every decision-making process.

According to Dr. Arroyo, successful diversity initiatives demonstrate an institutional commitment by making Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, and Inclusion (IDEA) a priority in every aspect of the organization. The IDEA Advisory Committee plans to establish Amador County as an arts & cultural hub, representing the many diverse facets of the rural American experience.

Goals include:

  • Diversify Board, Staff, and Volunteers to represent all people in Amador, especially People of Color

  • Integrate principals of DEAI across the organization

  • Participate in ongoing assessment of programs, services, processes and marketing to ensure functional application of the Racial Equity lens and DEAI principles

  • Further develop ADA resources including interpreters, accessible documents, and technology

  • Create Intercultural Celebrations, Programs, and Services

  • Maintain programs and services that are affordable to the general population, develop sliding-scale infrastructure for tickets programs

  • Outreach

  • Multi-Lingual translators available to all events

  • Multi-Lingual social media, print, and broadcast marketing

  • Apply for Cultural Arts Grants

Developed and made available by the California Arts Council, a state agency. This activity is made possible in part by the California Arts Council, a State Agency. Find out more at

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