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Amador Arts Board Member and Local Artist KATHARINE T. JACOBS

By Outreach Coordinator Cilladean Hopkins

The Amador County Arts Council (Amador Arts) Board member Katharine T. Jacobs (She/Her) spoke with staff member Cilladean about her experience as both an artist and member of the board in Amador County. Katharine is a photographer and sculptor who has been creating art all her life starting in Calaveras County. Moving away from home right after high school, Katharine landed in Oakland, CA, and then Portland, OR where she completed her BFA in photography and craft. In 2022, she completed her MFA in Spatial Art which is a sculpture-based art form.

After being away from home for 12 years, Katharine returned to Mokelumne Hill to start a new chapter of her life focusing on her professional art career and being a single mom. For the past 3 years, she has been living in Pine Grove and joined the board of directors for the Amador Arts last summer. When Katharine moved to Amador, she participated in the Amador Arts Rural Advocates for Racial Equity program where she met Meghan O’Keefe, Amador Arts ED, and was introduced to our local arts council.

Serving as a board member is important to her for several reasons as she sees the many needs of our local arts community. Katharine brings her skills in project management to the table as a way to be proactive in supporting rural artists. She prioritizes bringing grants to the community to fund the variety of artists that live in Amador and continues to make sure our arts education is strong in our schools for all students including her 6-year-old daughter. Her biggest dream for Amador is to have a community arts center that will provide youth spaces, monthly art shows featuring both local and outside artists, and arts classes for all. Katharine says, “Art is important no matter how old you are.”

A lot of Katharine’s work focuses on chronic illness and trauma in the body, as she is a disabled person living with MS. These elements and the mediums that she works in, more experimental than traditional Fine Arts, can feel different to people who have only had access to one kind of art. Katharine believes that through grants, resources, and opportunities for local exhibitions, artists will be able to both expand their artistic practice and help introduce the community to the many possibilities of what art can be. She brings her experience as a working artist and arts educator in hopes of building a new curriculum and opportunities for all artists at every stage of their careers. Katharine’s work can be found at If you want to ensure that local public elementary kids get arts classes, you have a place on the board of directors! Please email, or text/call (209)256-8166 for more information.

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