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A Fine Art Collection by Greg Traverso

Amador City Presents Burgers At The End Of Nowhere… a Burger Art Experience! Amador City is a small town located inside of Amador County, which is home to artist Greg Traverso and his first ever burger art collection.

Greg has a variety of graphic design experience that spans over 20 years. On April 2nd, 2022 he displayed his fine art collection of mixed media burger art in the close-knit, warm welcoming town. It was most definitely a vibe, featuring Matt the DJ’s awesome music from Small Town Food and Wine located right across the street!

Traverso did a wonderful job of not only sharing his art with us but truly excelling in creating an art experience.

Greg is also one of Amador Arts newest team members. You’ll see his graphic design work on our social media page as well as our flyers! He is a pleasure to work with and is an important piece to our creative puzzle. His pieces are currently still up if you’d like to get in on the burger fun and buy some art.


Open Thurs 5- 8pm
Fri & Sat Noon – 8pm
Sun Noon – 6pm
End of Nowhere, Amador City CA


artist posing with burger artwork
burger art on walls

Artist Statement from Greg Traverso

“The burger project is a collaboration with End of Nowhere Winemaker, Chris Walsh. He not only offered me the space, but he donated several of his used canvas’. I had previously painted and sold a couple of burgers paintings out of the tasting room, so this was an opportunity to a) paint more burgers and really explore the process of painting a full collection. And b) Have an event around bringing back the End of Nowhere’s popular Burger menu for the summer.

I started painting burgers, the first time I had painted on canvas since college, during the 2020 Election coverage. I think the anxiety and the intense air around politics just opened a window for me to step away from reality and express – it was kind of done in my mind. Using what I had in my house ( spray paint, watercolors, stencils, acrylic) I started painting. And this is where it has taken me.

With my background in graphic design and event design, I took this opportunity to create a full art experience with merch, music, vibe, and space. Hope this is the first of many!”


Blog written by Sarah Stepney,

-Artist, Spiritualist & Amador Arts Community Catalyst

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