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Volunteers are the heart of Amador Arts

Since 1982, Amador Arts Council volunteers have made The Arts a central part of the Amador County community. You can use your passion for The Arts to be of service to our entire community!

Become a Volunteer TODAY!



  • TGIF Summer Concerts

  • Community Outreach Fairs

  • Board of Directors

  • Poster Distribution

  • Exhibits

Perks of being an Amador Arts Volunteer:

  • Artsy Amador Arts Water bottle (stay cool and hydrated when your having fun in The Arts with Amador Arts)

  • Exclusive Invitation to the annual Volunteer Thank You Party at the final TGIF Free Summer Concert of each season.

  • Bragging rights, ‘cuz, you know The Arts in a rural community like Amador are JUST COOL!

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