ROOTS 2021 Gallery

In celebration of Black History Month

AmadorArts is proud to present the 2nd annual ROOTS Art Show – a Black History Month celebration honoring the contributions of Black Americans and Black Literary Artists. ROOTS is part of the AmadorArts Poetry Out Loud program, with support from National Endowment for the Arts, National Poetry Foundation, and California Arts Council, a state agency.

View the works in this virtual gallery and then vote on “Best of Show”. Voting ends on March 8th.

Scroll down to view the art. Enjoy!

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Artist names will be added after voting is concluded.


Title: Endure Through Your Roots

Within the image, words of literary and African American background are used in order to build up the face of an African American woman, while the hair is made up of authors and African American literary influencers. The piece exposes many of the themes and inspirations of African American literary works. There are words which define the culture of African Americans and how they fought to have their voice heard. The piece also adds elements of popular and well-known authors and influencers of the Black Literary movement. YOUTH ARTIST

Original Embroidery

Title: Flowers or Weeds


Inspired by the poem Envy by Mary Lamb

Title: Singing Hands


Singing Hands is inspired by Romare Beardens art and the book “My Hands Sing the Blues” with the mixed media flare of the artist’s style. YOUTH ARTIST.

Title: Jester Boy in Venice, Italy – I noticed this young man as I was standing in line to buy a gelato.  I asked his father, who was standing nearby, if I could take a photo of him and he gave me permission.  He said something to his son  in their native language and the boy, who had already had a frown on his face, frowned even more so. After I took the photo I asked the father if I could buy the young man a gelato.  He said the reason that he was frowning was because he wanted a coke rather than the gelato and the father would not allow it!!!!Titl



Title: Samantha in Kenya – my husband took this photo while working with young school children in a small village in Kenya.






Title: Ancestral Mask – mask depicting my ancestry – American (Native and Central), European and African.






Title: Emancipation – Mixed Media created while listening to Bob Marley’s Redemption Song. You know things will get better.







Title: Prancer – Original Photography shot at the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo in Castro Valley in July of 2018.

Vote on “Best of Show”. Voting ends on March 8th.

Vote HERE.

Junior High Artists in Jackson created poetry inspired visual art with teacher Dale Lisa Flint. Check out their work HERE.

This activity is made possible in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency. Find out more at

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