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Teaching 100% of Amador County public elementary students.

Amador Arts Council works closely with Amador County Unified Schools District & Amador County Office of Education.

Hiring retired credentialed teachers, we provide standard-based art classes to 100% of elementary public school students countywide.

These classes are sequential and equitably provided to grades K through 6th, including special education.

Amador Arts is a non-profit advocate for arts education, working closely with the local school district and county office of education to establish, implement, and advance the districtwide arts education plan.

Amador Arts Council is honored to facilitate Poetry Out Loud, as required by the state of California. This program is offered to all high school students in Amador County and includes free poetry workshops culminating in a county-wide competition.

In 2021-2022 school year, Amador Arts Council paid local teaching artists over $25,000 to teach more than 200 class session in the schools.

Amador Arts Council supports Life-Long Arts Learning

Arts Education from Amador Arts Council is available with special thanks to donor Thomas Violich, and Amador County Board of Supervisors.

This program is supported in-part by the National Endowment for the Arts, the National Poetry Foundation, and the California Arts Council, a state agency. Find out more at

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Art classes in the public schools are sponsored by the Amador County Office of Education.


Heart of Hope
Student Arts Showcase
Miwok Patriots
Safe Space

As the designated State Local Partner, Amador Arts is required to address local, data-based needs through The Arts.

Pony Farm residency project supports inter-generational, life-long, urban-rural arts learning in the heart of the Central Sierra Nevada Mountains and Foothills. CLICK HERE to learn about the professional artists who visit Amador County from all over the world to teach our community about The Arts!

Did you know?

Art Councils in California are required to collect data to assess the state of Racial Equity within the county they serve.

Amador Arts Members

The Amador Arts coalition of citizens known as Amador Alliance for Arts Education helped the Amador County Unified School District adopt the Declaration in 2018.

Did you know?

Art Education is required for all youth and all grades.

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