Leadership Change – 2021

O’Keefe steps onto Board of Directors, AmadorArts launches statewide search for new Executive Director

Meghan Joy O’Keefe was raised in Amador County, graduated from Amador High (1997) and graduated from Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts in Santa Maria, CA (1999). O’Keefe also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Oberlin College in Ohio (2002).


Meghan Joy O’Keefe, who has worked as the Executive Director of Amador County Arts Council (AKA “AmadorArts”) since 2018, is resigning and moving onto the AmadorArts Board of Directors.

The move comes at a dynamic time for AmadorArts. O’Keefe explains, “This is going to usher in a new era of success for AmadorArts as we broaden our community outreach, intercultural celebrations, and arts education curriculum.”

It is a great time for everyone in the community to get involved in AmadorArts because of its new and dynamic Board of Directors, fantastic Advisory Council, deeply rooted community partnerships, and amazing volunteers. As O’Keefe puts it, “There is so much passion right now to create, connect, and celebrate all cultures and communities in our wonderful, rural county.”

O’Keefe moves on to a position in Tobacco Reduction with Amador County Department of Public Health and will continue to serve on the AmadorArts Board of Directors. The Board is now launching a statewide search for a new Executive Director, info at amadorarts.org.

AmadorArts continues to offer free arts classes, scholarships, arts and cultural advocacy, Poet Laureate program, I Art Amador print column, cultural celebrations, and assistance in grant writing & community murals. AmadorArts was established in 1982 and is the central dispenser of state and federal arts grants, acting as the liaison between the local art scene and the community at large—locally, statewide, and nationally.

AmadorArts sustains local partnerships with Amador County Department of Behavioral Health & Public Health, Amador County Unified School District, Amador Council of Tourism, Amador Chamber of Commerce, Tri-County LGBTQ Alliance, the Miwok Heritage Center, Amador County Artists Association, Amador Senior Center, Amador County Fair, KVGC Hometown Radio, Sierra Mountain Chautauqua, several local wineries & small businesses, and more.

“The state of AmadorArts is strong, in spite of the pandemic. Together with the board and donors, we have worked so hard to build an infrastructure of programs and services that are centered around the entire community. Get involved to be part of an organization that loves to create, celebrate, and connect around FUN in arts and culture,” proclaims O’Keefe. “Thank you to all the volunteers, board members, contractors, employees, patrons, donors, students, teachers, parents, artists, and partners who have collaborated with me over the last four years. This has been one of the hardest decisions of my life, because I love the arts and I love Amador county so much.”

Meghan Joy O’Keefe is an interdisciplinary artist and Teaching Artist (since 1999) who focused on documenting and producing the stories of Rural American life through theatre, dance, music, poetry, storytelling, and radio production.

The contributions of Meghan Joy O’Keefe over the last several years are too many to list. O’Keefe tripled the operating revenue (pre-COVID), spearheaded several new programs and services, and pivoted the non-profit into alignment with the governing agency, California Arts Council. At the February General meeting, the AmadorArts Board of Directors acknowledged how difficult it will be to replace O’Keefe’s varied skill set. According to Nettie Fox, AmadorArts Board President, “AmadorArts is sad to be losing Meghan as an amazing Executive Director, but we are very fortunate to be gaining Meghan as a board member.”

To find out more, visit amadorarts.org and connect with Executive Director Meghan Joy O’Keefe by emailing amadorarts@gmail.com or call 209-256-8166.

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