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Cheryl Bloomfield Oil Paintings

If you enjoy art while eating a meal, go to the new Graze Restaurant in Pine Grove, CA. Eat a great meal and  walk around to view and enjoy the […]


Katharine T. Jacobs shows in San Francisco

District SF in San Francisco 216 Townsend Street, San Francisco

Local artist Katharine T. Jacobs installs  San  24 prints of her collection WILD; a series of cyanotype reproductions and inverse prints at District SF Located at 216 Townsend Street San […]


Doppleganger at Laughton Ranch Event Center

Laughton Ranch Event Center 90 Clinton Road (Next to Raleys), Jackson, United States

Concert and dinner/ or just pay a cover charge to listen to music-  beer and wine available- bottled water is always free

$20.00 – $40.00

Watercolor Workshop : Intro to Painting Landscapes

Andis Wines 11000 Shenandoah Road, Plymouth, CA, United States

Embark on a captivating journey into the world of watercolor with our "Intro to Painting Landscapes" workshop. Perfect for beginners eager to explore the basics, this workshop covers exciting techniques and textures unique to the medium.


Earth Day

Let's celebrate our beautiful planet and commit to making positive changes together!

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