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For over 39 years, Amador County Arts Council (AmadorArts) has worked as a non-profit to achieve our mission:


Amador County Arts Council is the designated State Local Partner (SLP) with the California Arts Council, a state agency. As such, we are required to increase access to diverse arts, provide and support diverse and traditional arts programs, and produce the annual Amador Poetry Out Loud. AmadorArts is also mandated to foster countywide arts and cultural ecosystems, and to promote equity throughout all local communities, cultures, and creative practices.

Our approach to the SLP “art council” grant includes:

  • Free Concerts in parks
  • Art Classes
  • Poetry
  • Grants & Scholarships
  • Community Celebrations
  • Advocacy
  • Partnerships
  • Free Resources for rural artists and arts organizations
  • Arts Journalism

AmadorArts is the catalyst for the arts by acting as a central dispenser of federal, state, or private monies to county artists, art students, and arts organization. By developing programs to enhance diverse & traditional arts and by stimulating the local creative economy, AmadorArts promotes local artists, artisans, arts organizations, and art students. AmadorArts acts as a liaison between the arts community at-large and local, statewide, and national arts organizations.

AmadorArts is located inside the Amador Senior Center in Jackson.

SUMMER HOURS: Monday-Friday from 1 to 4 PM.

STAFF: Meghan Joy O’Keefe, Executive Director

Here are some of the PROFESSIONAL, FINE ARTISTS who have worked for AmadorArts over the last 10+ years:
African Drum and Dance Ensemble of Nevada County
Molly Allen
Sarah Armstrong-Gardner
Cara Augustin
Joe Bellamy
Donna Bohlin Sammons
Millie Butler*
Anne Cook
Judy Day*
Cynthia Dunn-Selph
Barry Duncan
Kat Everitt
Hal Gamble
Adam Gottstein*
Cynthia Griffin
Marchand Heimann
Dave Holob
Darcel Hunter
Julio Inglasses
Pat Keene
Christie Lane*
Tammy McBroom
Jessica Moore
Sandy Morgan
Christina Morris
Jo Ann Ogburn
Meghan Joy O’Keefe*
Anje Olmstead
Bruce Peccianti*
Linda Ricci
Lorra Lee Rose
Gordon Rowland
Nedra Russ
Marilyn Shrouf
Stephanie Strong*
David Tearpak
Julie Trail
Alyssa Vargas
Leslie Vasquez
Lynn Vasquez
Katherine Venturelli

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