For over 38 years AmadorArts, the Amador County Arts Council has worked as a private non-profit public benefit organization to nurture the cultural vitality of our area which is rich in history, country living, and natural beauty. An unusually large number of professional visual and performing artists make their home here. The arts of Amador are a resource, much like timber, water, wine and tourism that contribute to our local economy.

The mission of Amador County Arts Council is to:


Amador County Arts Council is the State Local Partner (SLP) with the California Arts Council, a state agency. We are here to be the premier resource for artists, art lovers, and art students of all ages. By collaborating with artists, fine artists, and volunteers, Amador County Arts Council has developed and sustained several arts programs in schools and throughout the community. The purpose of Amador County Arts Council is to be the catalyst for the arts by acting as a central dispenser of any federal, state, or private monies to county artists, art students, and arts organization; by developing programs to enhance the arts in the county; by stimulating the economic environment so as to promote county arts and artists; by establishing and maintaining relationships with local, regional, and national arts organizations; and by operating as a liaison between the Amador County Board of Supervisors and the arts community.

Executive Director (full-time): Meghan O’Keefe, meghan.amadorarts@gmail.com

Executive Assistant (part-time): Carol Brown, carol.brown@gmail.com

Art Center Assistant (part-time): Alyssa Vargas, alyssa@amadorarts@gmail.com

Here are some of the PROFESSIONAL, FINE ARTISTS who have worked for AmadorArts over the last 10+ years:
African Drum and Dance Ensemble of Nevada County
Molly Allen
Sarah Armstrong-Gardner
Cara Augustin*
Joe Bellamy
Donna Bohlin Sammons
Millie Butler
Anne Cook
Judy Day
Cynthia Dunn-Selph
Barry Duncan
Kat Everitt
Hal Gamble
Adam Gottstein*
Cynthia Griffin
Marchand Heimann
Dave Holob
Darcel Hunter
Julio Inglasses
Pat Keene
Christie Lane
Tammy McBroom
Jessica Moore
Sandy Morgan*
Christina Morris
Jo Ann Ogburn
Meghan Joy O’Keefe
Anje Olmstead
Bruce Peccianti*
Linda Ricci
Lorra Lee Rose
Gordon Rowland
Nedra Russ
Marilyn Shrouf
Stephanie Strong
David Tearpak
Julie Trail
Leslie Vasquez
Lynn Vasquez
Katherine Venturelli

*Fine Artists who are donor-members of the Amador County Arts Council