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6th Grade Art Project

“Ancient China”

Sixth graders study Ancient Civilizations as part of their Social Studies/History curriculum. A two-class presentation on Ancient China has been prepared for the district’s elementary 6th Graders. In the first class, the students are introduced to Chinese culture.

They try on hats and silk robes discovering how their design is important to the environment. They brew and drink tea, and learn to speak a few Chinese phrases. They also learn about the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang De and the terra Cotta Warriors that guard his tomb. They view a slideshow on the Terra Cotta Warriors and learn about the creation of standardization and legalization that is still used today.
Their art project during this class was to design their own “Chop.”

The second class was on Chinese Brush Painting. Students using Chinese brushes and ink learned several brush strokes and then after much practice, combined the strokes to create beautiful scroll like paintings of bamboo. During this class they also had an opportunity to work on several different kinds of paper.


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