A Taste of the Arts

Each spring AmadorArts hosts A Taste of the Arts, a full day of professionally taught art classes. Participants selected from a list of more than 13 classes, which could include anything from Watercolor and Acrylic Painting to The Art of Bonsai or Line Dancing.  Students receive a schedule of three classes, each 90 minutes in length.



March 12th, 2016


Amador High School

Adults $35 & Students $15, includes all supplies




2016 Class Menu

All Classes are now full. 



1. The Art of Doodling with Bruce Peccianti

 Participants will be introduced to the art of doodling, through examples of doodle art and its decorative aspects.  Students will then complete a sampler of various doodle patterns and techniques.  A final project will involve filling in a contour outline of their choice with their own doodle patterns.

2. Handmade Journals with Bruce Peccianti

Two Period Class- Periods 1 &2. Create a beautiful hand-stitched journal for your personal use. Scrapbook it, write in it, put pictures in it! Make it your own.

Bruce Peccianti is a retired teacher and school administrator turned artist who has been working in Amador County for the past 40 years.  He loves creating and experimenting with the arts and sharing his love and excitement for creating with children and adults.

3. Line Dancing with Sue Kendall

Come learn the Electric Slide, Slappin Leather and more! Please wear smooth-soled shoes.

Sue taught country western dancing of all kinds for five years in the Bay Area before moving to Amador County. 

4. Watercolor Painting with Leslie Vasquez

Whether you’ve painted before or not, Leslie will share her magic with you. To vary it from last year, she’ll take you step by step through painting an animal. She’ll cover shading and highlights and those all important eyes and of course share stories to inspire you.

Leslie Vasquez remembers the struggles so she can help you avoid them. Since picking up her first brush five years ago she has sold paintings, won awards at the fair, and painted sets and backdrops at theaters. She is sought after as an art teacher both in the schools and in the community because of her successful teaching skills, knowledge, and her entertaining and inspirational stories.

5. Djembe Drumming with Mark Dyken

Learn the basics of drumming and a variety of rhythms with Mark Dyken.  Drums provided.

Mark Dyken is the drummer for Clan Dyken, and has been sharing his love of rhythm with people of all ages for decades.

6. Drama with Terra Forgette

An introduction to theater arts and an exploration of using the tools of drama to tell stories of all kinds. Learn to use your body, your voice, props and masks to tell a story.  Basic acting games and exercises, culminating in a brief performance. Periods 1 & 2 

Terra Forgette is the Executive Director of AmadorArts.  She is a two-time California Arts Scholar in Drama.  She is currently directing a play at Blue Mountain Theater.

7. Batik on Paper with Millie Butler

Learn this ancient additive wax and dye process to create patterns or designs on paper. Have fun being free or make a plan; anybody can do it! Great for collage material for cards or journal pages. Wear something dark, old or or bring an apron in case of dye accidents.

8. Spring Wreath Making with Millie Butler

10-12” Steel frames, paddle wire, ribbon and fresh materials are all provided for this lesson in wreath making. You can also bring things to incorporate if you wish. Materials may include lemon leaf, pittosporum, plumosa, eucalyptus, bay, statice or heather.  PLEASE BRING  YOUR OWN PRUNERS/CLIPPERS. If you have rosemary or olive branches, bring them too.

A retired Amador County Art Teacher, Millie serves on the AmadorArts Board of Directors and has a floral business, Millie Butler Designs.  She has been a fellow with the California Arts Project, , and taught floral design for 9 years at Amador High School.

9. Loosening Up With Acrylics with Marchand Heimann

Marchand has been a professional painter for many years.  She enjoys using color and encouraging others to find the artists within them.

10. The Living Art of Bonsai with Dan Balsley

 Learn the art of Japanese bonsai that will be a Living Art to take home and enjoy in your yard.

Dan Balsley has been doing bonsai since 1989 and believes that anyone can do this form of Living Art.  It is an art that can relax you while doing.

11. Fabric Collage with Carol Sethre

Exploring Fabric Collage. Using simple methods to create your own piece of textile expression.

Carol has been working in textiles and fabrics for many years, along with weaving and creating her own line of scarves. She loves teaching and encouraging others to find their inner artist! She owns Little City Studio & Gallery in Amador City. 

12. Wire Jewelry with Karen Crane

Wire Jewelry:Learn to wrap a favorite stone in wire and turn it into a pendant, mobile, or window hanger. Discover the difference between “free-form” and other forms of wire wrapping, learn to assess a stone for wrapping, how to handle the tools and techniques to wrap a flat or round stone, and go home with a finished, free-form wrapped stone, ready to wear or hang.  Students are also welcome to bring a special stone for wrapping, side cutters, small needle nose pliers and small flat nose pliers if they have them. 

Karen Crane has been doing free-form wire wrap for over 10 years, and uses several techniques for making very unique stone and wire jewelry.  She has taught both beginners and advanced students, always offering techniques that expand the student’s knowledge base.

13. Personal Memory Collage with Bonnie Gill

Create a small decorative art kimono to be made to hang on the wall. (about 5×7 inches) participants should bring personal items to include photos, fabric, feathers, cut out words or poems, beads, ribbon – memory ephemera to make your work personal.


Bonnie is a painter in watercolor and oil, but has lately been making memory boxes and masks. She has a BA in art from SFSU (1980.) Her work is sometimes figurative and surreal.

14. Paper-making with Cynthia Dunn-Selph

Play like a kid again in this beginner’s class where you will learn the basics of making paper and be able to create your own custom piece with the addition of natural materials to use in art projects, on cards, or as an art piece all in itself!  No experience required, just enthusiasm and imagination!

Cynthia Dunn-Selph is a mixed media artist and photographer. She has created custom themed, commissioned pieces in assemblage, mixed media, and acrylic painting, and has had showings of her art and photography in California, Arizona, and Kansas. She currently has her work in Sutter Creek Gallery.

15. Pencil Drawing & Sketching with Ali Crane

A fun and refreshing approach to sketching for artists of any level. Whether this is your first sketching class or you have participated in many this will be a great opportunity to build and hone your artistic skills. 

Ali Crane graduated from Chico State with a Bachelors Degree in Art Education and a lifelong passion for creating and teaching art to all ages. She is the new Art Teacher at Amador High School and looks forward to this wonderful opportunity to get to know her new community.